Idioms and Slang Words for Money with Examples from Hip Hop Songs

I have created a series of picture dictionaries based on particular hip-hop songs and themes, and I just made one for slang words about money!

It hasn’t been published before, and I’m sharing it for the first time with!

Rappers often discuss and sing about making money, their financial hardships and becoming successful. Learn 26 new slang words for money today! See the whole explanation with examples under the illustration.

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A piece of the pie – a share of something like money or profits. 

– If you invest in my company, you will get a big piece of the pie.

– I just found $20 on the street, so do you want a piece of the pie?

Smackers/clams/bucks/bones (noun, always plural) – money, especially American dollars.

– What would you do if you had 20 million smackers?

– That dude owes me 500 smackers, so I’m going to pay him a visit tonight!

Paper/cream/grip/dough/bread/bank/bacon/cheddar/cheese/gravy (noun, always singular) – money.

– You need a lot of paper to buy a new car. With your bad credit, no bank is gonna lend you paper.

Make paper / make bank (idiom) – to make a lot of money.

– Look at me now! I’m making paper! They girls didn’t like me in middle school, but now they can’t get enough of me because I’m making bank.

Make coin (idiom) – to make money, but not necessarily a lot of money.

– I make some good coin at the restaurant. I’m not wealthy, but it’s enough.

The letters K and G – $1,000.

– A new car cost about 30 Gs. 

Gravy train (noun) – a situation where a person makes a lot of money.

– I have been selling towels to tourists, and it is a huge gravy train!

– You are not living rent-free any more. The gravy train stops rights here and you will pay rent!!

Bring home the bacon (idom) – to make money for your family to live on; to be very successful.

– Because John’s been in the hospital for 2 months, his wife has been bringing home the bacon.

– My university degree got me a great job, and I can finally bring home the bacon and support my family.

Benjamins  – $100 USD bill.

– It’s all about the Benjamins baby! 

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