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synonyms for helpful

Help is something you ask for when you need to be saved or need and want something to be made a little bit easier for you.

I asked for help moving new furniture into my flat on the fourth floor of my building to make my effort a little easier. I requested my doctor’s help when trying a new medication because the wrong mix could have been detrimental, so that is life-saving help.

We request help and we thank others for help everyday. So, allow me to help you in finding some variety for the word “helpful”, when either you are being helpful, or someone is being helpful toward you.

Helpful: someone or something giving help or is willing to help

Synonyms for Helpful:

1. Accommodating:

someone or something able to fulfill a wish or demand in a helpful way

  • My hotel was very accommodating when I told the front desk there was no hot water in our room. They immediately moved us to a suite.
  • As a nurse, I try to be accommodating toward my patients, to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, even when they are ill.

2. Considerate:

someone who spends time thinking about others in a kind way, and is careful not to harm or inconvenience others in any way.

  • I try to be as considerate as possible toward my roommates, cleaning up after myself and not making too much noise early in the day or late at night.
  • I don’t think people in big cities are very considerate of others because they are accustomed to seeing many people all of the time.

3. Supportive:

someone or something able to provide emotional help or encouragement

  • As a teacher, I am supportive toward my students, helping them with after-school tutoring, or afternoon calls and Skype sessions if they need help with homework.
  • I thanked my sister for being supportive during my final year of university, when I was most stressed and overwhelmed.

4. Thoughtful:

someone who thinks about others and is considerate of others, in a helpful way

  • It was very thoughtful of the man to help me carry my bag of food from the market to my car.
  • My roommates are very thoughtful because they prepare a meal, waiting for me, each night I get home from work.

5. Cooperative:

someone who works well with others in a team, and is willing to be helpful

  • I work to be a cooperative teammate with my co-workers, especially since we communicate with each other from different parts of the world.
  • My classmates and I have struggled to be cooperative with projects, but now we each carry our responsibilities independently and smoothly.

6. Obliging:

someone or something that is willing to help others or do a type of work

  • I have very obliging supervisors at work; they always make sure we are comfortable and happy in our workplace.
  • The nurses I had when I spent time in the hospital were very kind and obliging during the difficult time I was having with my health.

7. Hospitable:

someone or something that is very welcoming and generous with visitors or guests, in a helpful way

  • When I first moved to Lisbon alone, I had no friends, and the Portuguese people I met were so kind and hospitable.
  • I try to return the favor to friends, by being hospitable and open with my home, making sure friends feel welcome and comfortable.

8. Charitable:

someone who gives to those in need of help

  • Médecins Sans Frontieres is a charitable organization that sends voluntary doctors and medical personnel to areas in extreme need.
  • My father raised me to be charitable toward all people, regardless of race, religion, and identity.

9. Generous:

someone who is very giving toward others with their time, energy, space, or money, in a helpful way

  • I found that northern Spain is much more generous in their portions of food, with bigger servings, than southern Spain.
  • I continually work on my personality, to be generous with my patience and forgiveness toward others.

10. Useful:

someone or something that can be used in a helpful way

  • My iPhone is the most useful tool I own, helping me to keep my social, personal, and work life organized.
  • Teachers have one of the most useful careers, as we need education to progress as a society and humanity.

11. Productive:

someone or something who puts time and energy into a project or something useful, and can be productive in helping others

  • Technology today is very productive, helping us to maximize our time and eliminate unnecessary energy.
  • My colleague is very productive with her time, and she often keeps the rest of us organized and on schedule.

12. Neighborly:

someone who cares for their neighbors, or those close to them, in a helpful way

  • The family that lives in the floor above us is very neighborly, and when I travel, they are happy to keep an eye on my apartment to make sure it is safe.
  • Even though Portland, Oregon is a very large city, the people are very neighborly, taking care of each other, and making sure their city is well kept.

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