The ABC of Language Learning

A simple step-by-step guide to learn languages. Not just read it, Use it!

the abc of language learning

Accept: Accept the fact that foreign languages operate differently from yours.

Break the worry habit: You can’t communicate if you keep worrying about making mistakes.

Create: Start making your own learning tools (flashcards, drawings etc.).You know best what works for you.

Dare: Dare to speak, dare to ask, dare to make mistakes, dare to aim high.

E-learn: If you’re reading these lines, it means you are online. Make the most of it!

Fly the nest: Don’t rely on your teachers for too long. Be an independent learner.

Get down to work: No excuses. Spend as much time studying as possible!

Happy: Don’t forget to have fun in the meantime and be happy for every little thing you learn.

Ignore: Ignore any negative thoughts you or your friends might have about learning.

Join: Join online groups and real-life clubs where you can practise with other learners.

Karaoke: Yes, karaoke! Sing along while listening to your favourite foreign language songs.

Love: Love the language you’re learning. Learn languages that you love.

Memorise: Learn expressions and sentences by heart. Learn entire poems or songs.

Notice: Notice patterns in the language. Take notes.

Organise: Organise your day and create time slots for learning.

Play: Play games. Educational games or your favourite computer games.

Quizzes: Test your knowledge regularly to see if you have improved.

Revise: Regular revision is essential.

Speak: Speak to friends, speak to tourists and clients. Speak to yourself when you’re alone.

Try: The only way to succeed is to try.

Use: Use books and notebooks, highlighters, sticky notes, pictures, computer programs and mobile apps.

Visualise: Don’t translate from your first language- just visualise what you want  to say and say it in the target language straightaway.

Want it: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Yes: Say yes to every opportunity to speak to foreigners. Don’t be the shy one.

Zen: Keep your zen. Learning a foreign language should never become a stress trigger.


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