8 Things You Can Do Right Now to Dramatically Improve Your English


I will dramatically improve your EnglishOn the first day of the New Year most of the people make at least one resolution to change something in their life, but to tell the truth at least half of us break these promises quite soon.

Learning something new or improving ourselves is usually one of the top 10 promises, so if you have decided to dramatically improve your English, I have collected some advice that will help you not to break your resolution.

Time schedule

For most of the language learners this seems to be a very crucial part of the language learning process. So if you have problems with this, you can find short-term solutions here.

And in the long term? The most important thing is to make sure that you have enough time for both the classes and preparation.

Read more

It does not really matter what but you should read more. Blogs, cartoons, newspaper articles, magazines, poems, novels or any online resources will improve your English if you do it on a DAILY BASIS. Start with our Facebook fanpage. Not very keen on reading? You can choose audio books.

Write more

Besides writing your homework (which is also very important) there are a great number of ways to improve your writing skills.

Be persistent and positive

Positive attitude is inevitable if you want to study a language. There are easier and more difficult parts following each other so whenever you feel that this is too demanding for you don’t give up!

Ask for more explanation, search new information and practice more!

Concentrate on self-studying more

If you want to be a successful language learner you shouldn’t forget that attending to classes is not enough. Do your homework and a couple of extra exercises and you will see the improvement sooner than you can imagine!

Class attendance and activity

Attend to classes regularly and once you are there be an active participant! A lot of people think that it is enough to go to the class and listen to the teacher. At an English language class it is not! Make and effort and be active that is the only way to improve!

You can learn English online or visit an English speaking country and learn English at Kaplan English language schools.


You have already bought a dozen books, you have already collected a hundred handouts, and you have already found a lot of fantastic websites to study? My advice is to choose the best ones that suit you learning style! Too much material can cause some stress, so get rid of the superfluous stuff!

Don’t postpone!

And last but not least, we usually make these promises on the first day of the New Year. But you can start learning English now at this very moment when you are reading this article! Time passes very quickly so the sooner you start the earlier will you be able to speak and understand this beautiful language! 🙂

What is your New Year’s resolution for this year?

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