10 Types of Facebook User. What Type of User Are You? [Infographic]

Courtesy of: Infographic Journal
Knowing what type of facebook user are you can also help you in learning English. How?
1. Stalker: I suggest you to come to MyEnglishTeacher.eu’s facebook page and start chatting with other English language learners. Why not to learn English while writing a lot of messages?! 🙂
2. Baby Boomer: Send your kids cool English learning games while spying your children. Having fun and learning at the same time is the most effective way to improve.
3. Newbie: You like to like and comment. Why not to comment also on our quizzes and win a free Skype English lesson with a native teacher?
4. Over-Shared: Share these amazing facebook pages! They are really great!
5. Brand Promoter: Drink one coffee and come to us to improve your English with a native teacher!
6. Fearful User: Don’t worry too much. Who wants to know more about you will find your info anyway!
7. Curator: This page is for you!
8. Gamer: We will soon launch an English learning game. Be patient and subscribe for our newsletter to get a notification! 🙂
9. Non-User: Come to Twitter! It is much easier to use!
And finally, what type of user are you? 10? Comment it below!
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