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6 Reasons Why Teaching ESL is a Rewarding Career Choice

Choosing a career in teaching can be very rewarding, but choosing to be an ESL teacher has it’s own unique attractions. One major attraction is the demand for ESL teachers all over the world.

According to the British council, it is estimated that over 1 billion people are currently learning English world-wide. Six more reasons why teaching ESL can be a rewarding career choice are below.

1. Travel the world

Not only do students living in America need to learn English, but also students living all around the world. The English language is continually growing and is the closest one to a universal language.

Both students and adults looking for jobs in the US and overseas realize the importance of learning English. If you love to teach and also love to travel, teaching ESL can be a great opportunity for you

2. Rewarding

Teaching ESL can be challenging, but for dedicated instructors, the rewards outweigh the costs. The challenging part is exciting your students about learning to speak, read, and understand English.

But, once you find what’s most attractive to your students about the English language, you can more easily accomplish your goals.

3. Influence multiple generations

When you teach ESL, your lessons extend beyond just the students. More times than not, your students will take what you’ve taught them and bring it home to teach their parents, younger siblings and maybe even their grandparents.

How inspiring is it to know that the gifts you’re sharing are being multiplied over and over?

Monica Brown, a current ESL teacher, told me,

“The first time I heard my student, Jose, thank me because he was able to help his mother translate one of her conversations over the phone, I felt so proud to have indirectly helped another family member.”

4. Make a Difference

One day, your students will need to pass a state proficiency exam in English. A major achievement for both your students would be earning scores that would qualify them for an Advance Placement English class.

When they are able to advance to a regular, or better yet, AP English class, you will have played a major role in getting them there.

5. Put your foreign language skills to good use

It is not necessary to know any foreign languages to teach ESL, but it does help. If you find it easy to learn new languages or simply have a passion for learning new languages, why not give your skills another purpose?

6. You will see the impact 

A major attraction of ESL teaching is getting to see the impact of your work almost immediately as your students improve. This impact will be especially apparent when teaching younger children since they tend to pick up foreign languages more quickly than older students or adults.

Whether you use your passion for teaching ESL as a way to travel the world, or you decide to stay put in the United States, teaching ESL can be an extremely rewarding and impactful career.

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