Advanced English to Even More Advanced Level


I’m Ukrainian who lives in Canada and my English is good, fluent. I am at 8.5 in CELPIP.

Do you have anything to offer me? Do you have any program for this type of Students?

I’m interested in going deeper in English Grammar so I make less mistakes when I speak and of course learn more idioms and phrases to bring my conversational English to the next level.

But I’m not interested if you offer just conversational classes, like speaking 60 min via Skype as have plenty of it living in Canada.

Those are awesome goals! My English Teacher does offer advanced courses. You can work with your teacher on targeted, specific topics to improve your English.

It is not completely conversational. If you want to know more about grammar, and make fewer or no grammar mistakes, we can help you do that! There is an option for a trial class, where we can show you how to set detailed English goals and create a plan to reach them together.

i want to improve skill english, can you help me?

my skype : daotc_vietec

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