Are Tutor and Teacher the same thing?


Are tutor and teacher the same thing?

While tutor and teacher are very similar terms, they are not the same thing. These subtle differences are enough to make the two words distinct.

Tutor meaning

A tutor is most commonly a person who provides a student with extra knowledge, notably outside of school or regular classes. Before college a student can have tutors for any subject, and they learn with those tutors outside of regular school hours. In college tutors provide extra classes along with the regular professors, and give extra information in order to pass the tests.

Teacher meaning

A teacher is exclusively tied to schools and colleges. Teachers provide the foundation of knowledge, and are the first line of teaching. Even private teachers are still bound to a syllabus, and the school system.

The easiest way to distinguish between teacher and tutors is like this: teachers are in school, tutors are outside of school.

Who is a Professor of English?

Professor of English is a teacher who teaches the English language at the university.

Conversations in English

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