As Far As, As Long As and All The While in English!


as far as as long as

As far as and as long as + all the while

AS FAR AS means to the degree or extent that.

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You usually use ‘as far as’ together with the following expressions:

1. As far as I know
You have partial knowledge of something

  • As far as I know, he came back late last night.


2. As far as it goes
As much as something does, covers or accomplishes

  • Your plan to become better at math is good, as far as it goes. However, I think you should just ask someone more experienced for help.


3. As far as I’m concerned
You are expressing your opinion about something

  • Bill should change his negative attitude towards his wife, as far as I’m concerned.

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AS LONG AS has three slightly different meanings

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1. Since

  • As long as you are here, I will show you the video.


2. During the time that

  • I will stay home as long as my grandma needs me.


3. On the condition that

  • I am ready to help as long as you promise to do your half of the job.

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ALL THE WHILE means ‘at’ or ‘during this time’

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  • We were working hard all day, but you were playing computer games all the while.


Usually, before we use ‘all the while’, we have to have another piece of information. Like in the sentence above, ‘you were playing computer games while we were working hard all day’, so ‘the working hard all day’ information was established before ‘all the while’ was used.


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