Can anyone tell me 10 different ways to say the phrase “Book a meeting”


1 way to say is “A meeting has been booked”.

There are a couple of different verbs and nouns we can use to refer to booking a meeting. Here are ten variations that I came up with that have a similar meaning to booking a meeting:

  1. to make an appointment
  2. to schedule a meeting
  3. to schedule a conference
  4. to hold a meeting
  5. to confirm a meeting
  6. to arrange a meeting
  7. to schedule a session
  8. to book a workshop
  9. to organise a video/audio conference
  10. to schedule a briefing

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  1. Schedule a meeting
  2. Put a meeting on the calendar
  3. Plan a meeting
  4. Put a meeting on the agenda
  5. Arrange a meeting
  6. Add a meeting to the itinerary
  7. A meeting has been organized
  8. Fix a meeting
  9. A meeting date has been settled
  10. A meeting has been coordinated
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