What is the difference between Interim and Temporary?

What is the difference between Interim and Temporary jobs and positions

What is the difference between Interim and Temporary jobs and positions


means that something will only last for a short time until somebody more permanent is found.

interim position example:

John is the CEO of XYZ company and suddenly dies. Now there is a problem because someone needs to be the CEO to make the decisions.

XYZ company has to replace John, the best person at that point is John’s right-hand woman called Susan. Susan steps into John’s position until the company can find a suitable candidate to be the new CEO.

To sum it up: Susan is the interim CEO until the new CEO is appointed. You can say that Susan is the acting CEO.

How long do interim positions last?

It could last from 3 to 18 months. It depends on how fast the company can find a better replacement.


means that something will last for a limited time, brief, and is not permanent.

Temporary position example:

Anna works for ABC company and is pregnant, she will be going on maternity leave for 3 months.

Someone needs to do Anna’s job, so they employ Mary to do Anna’s work for 3 months. Mary is now a temporary employee of ABC

Company for 3 months until Anna returns from maternity leave.

Does Interim mean temporary?

Yes. They are synonyms with a slight difference.

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