Difference between LEAVE FOR and LEAVE TO


When you go away from one place and start going to another place, use LEAVE FOR:

  • I’m leaving for Beijing tomorrow. (I’m going away from home and go to Beijing.)
  • When are you leaving for work? (When are you going away from home and go to work?)
  • The plane leaves for London at 10 am. (The plane leaves the airport and starts flying towards London at 10 am.)

LEAVE somethig/someone TO somebody means giving somebody the responsibility to take care of something/someone:

  • You can leave the cleaning to me, Jeff’s doing the cooking.
  • I can’t deal with Mr Jones anymore. I think I’ll just leave him to you.
  • I have no time to finish this report. Do you think I can leave it to Tim?

Also, use LEAVE something TO somebody when somebody wants another person to have something after his/her death:

  • Tom left his house to his daughter.
  • He didn’t leave anything to his son.

*note: LEAVE TO is not used with places. Use FOR when talking about where somebody is going.

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LEAVE may be followed by TO + VERB when saying WHY you are leaving:

  • I’m leaving to start a new life.
  • We have to leave to get there on time.

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