Difference Between OF and OFF!



OF (preposition)

1. Belong to or relate to someone or something

  • He has a fear of spiders.
  • Jessica is a good friend of Melinda.
  • In college, we studied the works of Emmanuel Kant.

2. Show an amount

  • We need two pounds of apples.
  • There are a lot of students outside.
  • Jane ate a handful of sunflower seeds.

3. Show numbers, ages and dates

  • I was the 1st of April 2001.
  • They have a son of seven.
  • She had foreseen an increase of 5% in salary.

4. Contain or consist of

  • Could you give me a glass of wine, please?
  • A pack of dogs was running around the house.
  • He brought her a box of chocolates.

5. Show a reason

  • John died of cancer.
  • As a result of war, there were many changes.
  • We did it out of our own wish.

6. About

  • This is a tale of bravery and romance.
  • He spoke of most important values in his life.
  • The King spoke highly of his seven sons.

7. Show someone or something

  • They showed us pictures of their babies.
  • Could you look at this picture of a house?

8. Show which one

  • A city of Chicago = the city called Chicago
  • The country of Germany = the country called Germany
  • The year of 1998 = the year 1998

9. Show a characteristic

  • He was a man of great honor.
  • Sheila is a woman of great beauty.
  • This meeting is of no importance.  

10. Live or come from a certain place

  • The people of France are called French.
  • He met the Queen of England.


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OFF (adverb)

1. Not touching something or removed

  • His shoe just fell off.
  • Please, take off your hat.
  • They took the mirror off the wall.

2. Canceled

  • The deal is off.
  • The wedding is off.

3. Not operating or not at work

  • Turn off the light, please.
  • The electricity is off.
  • My computer is always off when I need it.

4. Away from a place

  • He ran off without turning back.
  • Do you get off at the next station?

5. Near a place

  • The hotel was just off the highway.
  • Take a turn left, and then you’ll see the shop just off the main road.

6. Far away

  • I see a car off in the distance.
  • My friend is off in Africa.
  • Our anniversary is a long way off.

7. Less

  • All books are 50% off! This is amazing!
  • The red apples are 20% off during lunchtime.


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