Have vs Have got


I’m struggling now with “have got”, like: “Have you got a dog?” and “to have”, like here: “Do you have a dog?” If you’ve got (or just “have;) any suggestions about it, that would be very helpful 🙂

They are two different structures and both are correct:

  •   Have you got…?
  • Do you have…?
  •   I have got…
  •   I have…
  • I haven’t got…
  •   I don’t have…

The difference:

‘HAVE GOT’ is more common in the UK than in the US and is NOT used in formal writing.

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’HAVE GOT’ is only used in Present Tense.

HAVE’ is used in every tense:
Past: I had
Future: I will have/ I’m going to have
Present Perfect: I have had
Modals: I should have/ I must have

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