Have vs Have got


I’m struggling now with “have got”, like: “Have you got a dog?” and “to have”, like here: “Do you have a dog?” If you’ve got (or just “have;) any suggestions about it, that would be very helpful 🙂

They are two different structures and both are correct:

  •   Have you got…?
  • Do you have…?
  •   I have got…
  •   I have…
  • I haven’t got…
  •   I don’t have…

The difference:

‘HAVE GOT’ is more common in the UK than in the US and is NOT used in formal writing.

Already vs. Yet

Already vs. Yet
Already vs. Yet

’HAVE GOT’ is only used in Present Tense.

HAVE’ is used in every tense:
Past: I had
Future: I will have/ I’m going to have
Present Perfect: I have had
Modals: I should have/ I must have

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