How do I thank an employee for 25 years of service?


When sending a staff member a letter of gratitude, always remember to:

  1. Keep it personal. Don’t just right “Dear team member”, use their actual name and include a personal anecdote or information explicit to that particular employee.

  2. Make it congratulatory. Long tenure with an employer is a significant Create the letter or email with a sense of achievement and praise.

  3. Acknowledge their value. Illustrate the difference their individual service has made to the organization. Most people want to feel like they have made a difference in other’s lives.

  4. Give them something. 25 years of service is a large milestone. To show your company’s appreciation for this, it is customary in most countries to provide a token of thanks to the employee.

Example Email
To: [email protected]

Subject: Thank you for your 25 years of Service!

Dear (name),

I want to personally congratulate you on such a significant anniversary of your employment at (company name). We greatly appreciate your dedication and loyalty to our company. Your efforts and endeavors as our (job title) have been influential to us achieving many of our company’s milestones on the road to accomplishing our mission of (company’s mission statement).

To show our gratitude and appreciation for your 25 years of service, we would like to present you an award and (enter the gift and reason for the gift. For example: paid 1 week holiday for you and your wife Mary to Greece, as we know that you’ve always wanted to see the Acropolis).

Thank you again for your hard work and all the little things you do each day to improve the lives of our customers and staff members. We look forward to a bright and fulfilling future together.


(Name sender), (Job title)

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