How Learning English Will Allow You to Enjoy Many of Life’s Pleasures


Learning English will not only allow you to interact with others more confidently it will allow you to complete other tasks and experience and enjoy many forms of entertainment you may never have even considered. It goes without saying that learning English can help you interact with others in English and enhance your career prospects as result but what many people don’t consider is how learning English can allow you to enjoy a number of life’s pleasures.

Whatever you are interested in, whether it is music, films or theatre, your enjoyment will be enhanced when you begin to learn English. Here is a list of the entertainment you will be able to enjoy in a whole new light:

  • Watch American and British films in the original. The difference between the original and dubbed versions is unbelievable; when you have the chance to watch the original you’re never go back to dubbed movies!



  • Read great books. Every famous book was written in English or it was translated into English. There are an amazing number of books to choose from no matter what your taste, from timeless plays like Hamlet to modern classics like the Harry Potter series.


  • Enjoy pop music more. The majority of the world’s pop music is in the English language, from Madonna and Britney Spears to Justin Timberlake and Take That, music is just so much better if you can understand the words.


  • Surf the unlimited source that is the web. Although many websites may offer translation services, many more don’t. Learning English will mean you can enjoy the whole of the web in its entirety

These are just some of life’s joys that are enhanced when you begin to learn the English language. With so many people worldwide now speaking English you will discover a number of pleasures you previously may never have thought of because of the second language you have acquired.

If you are interested in learning English, St Giles International have a number of English Language Schools worldwide including in London, New York and Vancouver.

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