How to Book English Language Sessions?



I need to know how I am going to book sessions?

how to book English language sessions

You can book our lessons here

Best Private English Tutor Online

I already did a trial session and I like it very much.
Now I want to take a 10 sessions package.
So how am I gonna proceed after paying through PayPal?

how am i gonna proceed after payping through paypal

How do you help with online classes?

  • You learn with a native teacher
  • You speak only in English
  • teacher sends you materials that help you improve
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • That’s how we help!

how do you help with online classes.

I want to improve my communication.

  • Your communication will improve anyway because you have no other option but to listen and talk to a native speaker. Our English tutor will also help you improve your grammar. And my personal advice: read more in English. It helps you to learn more words.

I want to improve my communication

Does this form include a calendar in which I will book time slots?

  • Yes, you can tell us what tiem you want to have your lessons.

Does this form include a calendar in which i will book time slots

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