how to score band 8.0 in IELTS form the first time


how to score band 8.0 in IELTS from the first time

The IELTS tests several different skills, and the testing style is pretty specific. These are some tips for each section of the academic test:


The reading passages are quite standard, and similar to other standardized tests (TOEFL, SAT). However, many of the questions it asks are not. IELTS reading questions may ask you to pick a headline/title for each paragraph you read and fill in the blanks of a summary paragraph, as well as answer typical comprehension questions. The key is being able to understand main idea of paragraphs and the full passage, and practicing the headlines and fill in the blanks sections over and over.


Many of the listening questions ask you to fill in the blank. The speaker may be explaining a map or talking about a trip they are taking, and the questions will ask you to write what the speaker said. You may be asked to fill out a form of some sort based on the conversation, and answer typical comprehension questions. One conversation will usually have something that asks you whether the two speakers discussed a topic, and you have to be able to say whether they did or didn’t. The listening tends to be easier than the TOEFL listening, but requires practice for the specific question types you will encounter.


The speaking is tricky because you have to talk to a real person. This can make a lot of people really nervous. However, they simply ask you to speak about three main topics. The first is a short series of questions about something that you know a lot about, such as your studies, family, hobbies, country, etc. You basically just answer the questions and talk about the topic. The second is a random question about a topic, usually asking you to describe something. This could be, for example, a question asking you to describe the last party you went to. They will have follow up questions that you should talk about, and this part should take 1-2 minutes. The last section asks you to elaborate on something related to the topic of the second section. The examiner can ask follow-up questions. For example, if they ask you to describe a party you went to, the third section could focus on parties that people have in your culture. (Ex. What do the holidays of your country celebrate?) Just practicing describing things will help a lot!


You will write two essays. The first will be about a graph or chart, and you have to pick out the main characteristics of the data. This is very tricky, so practicing identifying the trends in a chart will help a lot. You should read several good example essays for this, and read why they are good examples. Usually, it comes down to the organization of your writing.

The second essay asks you to give your opinion on a topic, so it is similar to a typical essay. Practice writing and typing (typing is an underrated skill!), and clearly expressing your ideas with correct grammar is essential.


Hope this helps!

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