How to use a rice cooker?


If you haven’t been able to master the perfect rice by just using a pot and stove, an electronic rice cooker will really help you cook delicious rice. What is even better is that it does all of the hard work for you!


Rice cookers are so simple to use and produce perfectly cooked rice. Here is how you should use the rice cooker the next time you want to impress your friends or family:


First, you should measure and rinse the uncooked rice. It is recommended that you wash the rice twice, this will get rid of any excess starch which can give the rice a sticky texture rather than the desired fluffy texture.


Normally, one cup of rice serves two people. To cook rice in a rice cooker you’ll need one part water and one part rice. This means that if you want to cook enough rice to serve two people, you will need one cup of rice and one cup of water. However, let’s say you’re hosting a dinner party and there are ten guests, you will need five cups of water and five cups of rice.


Once you’ve washed and measured the rice, pour them into the rice cooker, close the lid and turn it on. The rice cooker will then heat the ingredients at the correct temperature, monitor the steam inside and will turn off once the rice is cooked.


After the rice cooker turns itself off, leave the rice in the electronic cooker for about ten minutes to cook off any extra steam and moisture.  Finally, the rice is cooked and ready to be eaten!


If you find plain rice a bit boring, you can add seasoning to the uncooked rice and water mixture before turning on the rice cooker. This will give your rice added flavour!

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