How to write a courtesy letter about amazing services in airport to the management?


From this prompt, it seems like you are someone who works in an airport and you want to introduce some of the amenities that you have to the management of a company.

I assume this is because they might be interested in providing access to these amenities to their employees when they travel for business, which seems like a good idea.

The first thing to note is that a cold email is less effective than one that already has some familiarity; if you know these managers already, they are more likely to listen to you. That said, it is often better to enumerate (describe) theΒ benefits of something rather than theΒ features of the amenity.

You are selling more of the result that will happen rather than all the individual steps that will help the person in between.

See the following basic example:

Dear (Name),

We spoke briefly on the phone last Thursday around 3pm about the amenities that we offer at the airport. Below is the information that you requested regarding the things we talked about:

  • 24-hour Airport Lounge: The perfect place for business travelers to stay while waiting for their layovers. Instead of frantically trying to catch up on emails, they can choose a sleep pod and relax for a couple hours, take a shower, and wake up refreshed for their next flight. They can stop getting frustrated at a poor Wi-Fi connection by connecting to our ultrafast fiber network, available exclusively to airport lounge members.
  • Restaurant Buffet: Business-minded people can recharge and will not have to worry about getting sick by stopping by at the buffet we offer!
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Make sure that you always have gifts for your business partners, high powered clients, and friends!
  • Airport Taxi: Leave the worrying about how to get to and from your hotel to us!

Please let me know if you have any questions about these amenities! I would be more than happy to discuss them further.

Thank you,


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