How to write an Email about Invoice amount transfer?


For this type of email, you must include some basic details, your name and which company you represent, the Invoice in question and the payment transfer details.

If you are writing this email to the person who is required to pay the invoice you could simply adopt the following template and modify it to suit your needs,

Attention (name) or Dear (name)


Please find attached the outstanding invoice, number 12345, for the amount of $7500.

On the bottom of the invoice, you will find our accepted methods of payment. However, we would like to request that the invoice payment transfer is made to our Bank account no later than the 31st of this month.

Your cooperation with this is much appreciated. Below you will find our Banking Details for the Invoice Amount transfer.

  • Bank of My Country
  • Account Name: My Business Name Account
  • Account-ID number: 123 456
  • Account Number: 000 111 222 333
  • Remittance Details: Your Invoice Number – 12345

Thank you for your time and business.




Accounts Receivable

Business Name



On the other hand, if you are the person who is making the payment your email could follow a template a little more like this:

Attention Accounts Receivable,


My name is John Smith, from ABC Company.

I am writing regarding invoice number 12345 which we have received from you recently.

I would like to request your Invoice Payment Transfer details to make the payment of this invoice.

Could you please provide me with your banking details as soon as possible?


Kind regards

John Smith

ABC Company

Accounts Payable

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