How to write an email to company offering a service or a training course?


I am looking forward to expanding my business by offering training courses on business communication to companies and their employees. I would like to get some tips or maybe templates of the emails I could send.

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Some things that you might want to remember when pitching a company, especially one that you don’t know:

1. Use a professional email address and name

The first thing that the manager or boss will see is your name and email address. For privacy or other reasons, you may have different email addresses that do not have your real name, or display a nickname instead of your full name. While using a nickname is alright if your contact knows this name already, try to use your full name if they do not.

2. Write a subject header that is short and that covers what you will write about in your email

To write a short and to-the-point subject header, try to identify the key information that you want to convey. If you are writing a completely cold pitch, try something that will catch their eye. What will their employees gain? A headline like “Why Your Employees Don’t Like Their Work” can spark curiosity and make them open the email.

If you have met the person you are contacting, this is the way to follow up. Say something like “Conference Follow Up – Increasing Employee Focus” so they know where they met you and what you talked about. This way, it is extremely clear what your email will be about, and your boss knows what they will read before they open the email.

A template you can use:

Subject: Conference Follow Up – Increasing Employee Focus

Dear (First name, Last name),

It was great to meet you at (name of conference or other place you met – remind them how you met). I really enjoyed talking to you about how well the Golden State Warriors are doing this year! They are definitely moving in the right direction. (Bring in something that you had in common, and you can add in a comment of your own.)

I wanted to follow up on our conversation about helping improve employee focus the other day. (Remind them what you want to talk about.) Did you know that up to 30% of employee time is wasted doing other things or “transitioning” between tasks? That can prove to be a huge detriment to the progress of the office or the company as a whole. (Tell them why they should care.)

Once I realized that this was a huge issue, I began to test various changes that I could make to my own workplace and office to improve productivity. I went from writing 2 articles a week to writing 5 or more – almost tripling my total output! (Tell them what your results are, or share the results of people who have used your products and services in the past.)

Do you have just 15 minutes to give me a call, where I can explain how this system works and how it might be able to work for you? (Ask them directly for a short time to give more details. Busy people usually prefer calls over long email chains.)

Hope to hear from you soon!


Hope this helps!

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