In which sentence can we use has had … twice?


example, illustration, case, sample, citation, case in point, pattern model, prototype, stereotype, for instance, diffrence between

The form ‘has had’ is Present Perfect in the third person singular.

  • She has had a car since 2001.
  • Tom has had a beard for years.
  • Claire has always had a good sense of humour.


To form Present Perfect, use HAVE / HAS + Past Participle.

Past Participle is the ‘third form’ of a verb:

  • buy- bought- bought
  • go- went- gone
  • have- had- had
  • know- knew- known
  • meet -met – met


As you can see, HAD is the third form of the verb ‘have’.

  • I have a dog. (Present Simple)
  • I have had a dog for five years. (Present Perfect first person singular)
  • She has had a dog for five years. (Present Perfect third person singular)


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