INTERN meaning


An intern or an internee is a person who works as a trainee in their desired field of work to gain experience. Most internees are students or recent graduates, who want to learn more about the occupation they have chosen.
Many internees work for free or for a lower wage. An internship is not permanent and usually lasts 6 months to a year.
An internship is very beneficial for a person looking for employment as it is very good experience to have on a resume.
Let’s have a look at a dialogue between two friends:

  • Hey, how is the internship going?
  • It’s great, I really enjoy interning at the law firm. I’m learning a lot from working there.
  • Is it a permanent position?
  • No, I will intern for 6 months and hopefully after the 6 month probation period they will hire me to work full time for the firm.
  • That would be great! Are they paying you for the work you are doing now?
  • No, they aren’t paying me now but if they hire me they will pay me the same wage as everyone else. I hope they hire me after the 6 month internship, it is a very good law firm.
  • I hope they hire you too. Good luck!
  • Thank you.
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