London English: How and Where to Learn English in London


If you plan to visit London, you’ll have plenty of possibilities there to improve your English.

Let’s have a look at the most effective methods for learning English in London. Which are the places worth visiting? Who should you talk to? Which language school is worth to attend? And why are you going to need your social skills?

London English

1. Go around London

The first thing you have to do is get to know the city. Sit on a bus or just walk along Oxford Street. Enter shops or cafes and start to talk to anybody who seems friendly and open enough to have a short chat with. Ask a lot of questions and put your listening comprehension to a test.

You’ll find lots of free attractions as well.

2. Exhibitions, theatres and cinemas

As you walk you’ll “bump into” museums and theatres. By all means, visit National Gallery and view the exhibition there. If you find something interesting don’t restrain yourself and read the description next to the object or picture exhibited.

This will improve your reading comprehension.

The same goes for its theatres. Whatever play you go to see, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the performance. You’ll have a real sense of achievement because you’ll understand it.

3. Pubs and cafes

When done with cultural pleasures, it’s time to find somebody to talk to. The best places for that in London the different pubs and cafes. People go there to relax, watch TV and talk. It’s the perfect place for speaking English.

You’ll just have to walk into a pub and sit down. Then ask a question from the person sitting next to you – a question about something you both are interested in, e.g. Which team is about to win? What can one drink here? What’s on tonight here? (many pubs have their own programme or a show, e.g. a karaoke show)

4. Schools of English in London

Of course, the simplest way to learn English is to go to a language school. In London, on every corner you find a language school and none of these are cheap, so it’s worth to find a good one.

Kaplan English courses in London. The teachers and good company will help you a lot to improve your English quickly.

You can learn online a lot but if to add London experience to learning English means certain success.

Where and how did you learn English in London? What would you recommend to other language learners?

What’s next?

If you are planning to visit London it’s time to start learning English with professional native teacher. This is where will help you. Discover more…

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