My First Impressions and Adventures on


My First Impressions and Adventures on aka Come and Join Us!



The first thing that meets my eyes is a clean, well-ordered interface that makes that little voice scream out in my head: join this site! No overwhelming, crowded opening page, no aggressive newsletter form popping in my face. I obey the ‘call’.

I click on the Register button (registration is only for English teachers) and fill in the user-friendly form and after receiving the confirmation e-mail, I start to explore the page. Me, the eternal language learner (and a teacher of course). The policy is clear: come and we’ll help to find your perfect teacher.

Learn English -

Being a curious person, I immediately proceed to look at the available teachers. The search app is actually fab! I can set every tiny detail of my preferences, which ensures that I get what I want. Let’s say, I want a native speaker to maintain my English skills and I’m overly excited to try out online lessons. Got it! A friendly-looking English woman from Bath.

The best thing is that I don’t have to call her or write an e-mail, I can immediately and directly contact her via a built-in form. I’ve got all the details. Name. Check. Face. Check. Fee. Check. And yes, the answer comes almost immediately; she’s online and eager to discuss the details. We fix a skype appointment for the next day. Overexcited, I think of my old practice books resting peacefully in a drawer. But I know that my new teacher will provide resources for me so poor booksies can stay where they are.

Happy with my quick success, my eyes wander off to the blog button in the main menu and I’m eager to know what’s inside. Aaaand bingo! Just my thing, interesting articles about language learning for both learners and teachers. I peek at the teachers’ articles, too, as it is always funny to see the seamy side of things and read about other people’s experience(s). 🙂

The articles radiate a deeply humane and kind feeling. We, teachers are also people, after all. I find some really helpful articles on grammar and vocabulary, too. I laugh at some hilarious picture describing 8 commonly misused words. Great!

8 commonly misused English words picture

As I log out, I rummage my desk for an unused notepad and a pen for tomorrow’s lesson, I guess, I’ll need them. The rest will be provided for me. I’m hooked and I’m not sorry.

What’s next?

Learn English via Skype with native English teacher. Improve your speaking skills rapidly!

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