What is the difference between normal essay (Narrative) and Persuasive essay?


Difference between a Narrative and Persuasive Essay

Narrative and persuasive essays are two of the fundamental writing types people learn in school. While their structure may be very similar, the way these two are presented is different. Each of them focuses one some of the basic writing strategies and goals that students have to learn.

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a form of writing that is supposed to show the student’s knowledge about a certain topic. Narrative essays are written about a certain topic the student has had to learn about, and then present in essay form using their own words and maybe, in some cases, quotes. It is called a narrative essay due to the structure, which is supposed to have an introduction, the main argument (body), and finally a conclusion.

In a narrative essay the goal is for the student to showcase that they have researched, and most importantly, understood the topic they are writing about. Narrative essays test a student’s knowledge, and their ability to describe that knowledge clearly.

Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay, on the other hand, serves to show that the student knows how to make a point. Both narrative and persuasive essays need to be written on certain topics the student has researched and studied. In the persuasive essay, the student is required to have and show their opinion on the topic as well.

One of the major differences between the narrative and persuasive essays is in the structure. While it looks the same, the persuasive essay is supposed to have the main points and the opinion in the body of the essay, and the conclusion is supposed to verify that opinion. It is called a persuasive essay because through the student’s presentation of their opinion they should be able to persuade any reader that they are right.

In a narrative essay, the writer’s opinion is not of importance, but in the persuasive essay, it is the main focus. One is centered on presenting knowledge, and the other focuses on presenting opinions and changing minds.

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