11 Noun plus Noun examples: Countdown, Dishwasher, Deadline, Network, Heartbeat,…

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There are many times when two nouns are put together to form a word. When this occurs,these words are called  compound words. These types of words are prevalent in the English language, so it’s important to be aware of them. Here’s a list of some of these words.

1. Dishwasher

refers to the machine that is located in kitchens that people use to wash their dishes.

After a big dinner party, I’m so grateful for just being able to throw the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

2. Doorbell

is a button on the front of a door that will ring when you push it. It’s used to let someone know that they have a visitor waiting for them at their front door. A doorbell can make a variety of sounds.

Suffix -tion Words, Examples and Meaning

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Suffix -tion Words, Examples and Meaning

It’s hard for me to hear our doorbell when I’m outside in our garden.

3. Saltwater

is the water that is found in the world’s oceans and many other bodies of water. There are generally two types of bodies of water, freshwater and saltwater. Saltwater refers to bodies of water that have a high salt content, like seawater.

I love swimming in the ocean, but the saltwater dries my skin out.

4. Heartbeat

refers to the beating of one’s heart. It can refer to the actual physical beating of the heart from a medical perspective, and it can also refer to the reaction that one has when they are highly emotional, and they feel like their heart is beating faster. Sometimes one can feel the quickened heartbeat when they touch their chest.

I’m so nervous, I can feel my heartbeat, it’s going so fast.

The nurse came in every day to measure vital signs, including my heartbeat.

5. Deadlock

means that two or more people or groups are at an impasse and no progress can be made. This usually happens when two parties are trying to reach an agreement.The two parties might continue talking, but the conversation isn’t moving forward.

The jury is deadlocked and is unable to make a decision.

After two weeks of negotiations that two companies are deadlocked and will not be able to work together unless they try to reach an agreement again later.

6. Headquarters

is used to speak about the homebase or center of a company. Many large companies have multiple offices in a city, country, or even the world, however their headquarters is usually their largest office, where the main managerial staff (CEO, CFO) are located. Some companies are so large that they have more than one headquarters.

If I get this new job I will have to move to the company’s headquarters with the other vice presidents.

7. Deadline

refers to when something is due. Deadlines are set in school and in work. When someone asks for something to be done by a certain day, they are giving you a deadline.

The deadline to get in college admissions applications for the fall semester is in two weeks.

8. Guideline

is a general rule. When something is a guideline it should be followed, it doesn’t have to be followed. There is a little wiggle room, or a little space to do things differently.

These are the guidelines that you should follow for the project, but if you want to do something that’s  a little different, just let me know.

9. Ghostwriter

is someone who writes a book for someone else. A ghostwriter is most often used by someone who is a non- writer, writing  an autobiography. Anyone who is writing a book, but doesn’t write books for  living may use a ghostwriter.

He was excited because today was the first meeting with his ghost writer.

10. Countdown

is when someone counts backwards to zero. This usually happens when an event is coming up, and a countdown is used to build anticipation. For example on New Year’s Eve, there is a countdown to the ball dropping in Times Square. Someone can also just countdown in their head how long it will be until a good or bad event will take place.

There’s a countdown clock on the TV that shows how long it will be until the next football game starts.

11. Network

is a group of people or things that communicate with each other. There are technical networks all over the world that are connected by wires. Computers that are connected are on a network. Most office buildings, schools and companies have an internal network for people only apart of that group to communicate.

People can also network with each other. This usually takes place at a social event. It’s just where people discuss what their job is a look for ways to help each other or make a connection, so they can stay in touch with someone who could be beneficial in the future.

I’m going to a networking event after work.

Our company’s internal network was down for 2 hours today.

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