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Steve Rimmer V.I.P. Private English TeacherToday I would like to introduce our Native English Teacher from Liverpool, UK. Steve Rimmer. I like to work with Steve, because he is enthusiastic and always there to help you. A Great guy!

That’s why, I decided to have an interview with him and to find out who he is in a real life. 🙂

You can skip this article anytime, just click on the Steve’s profile and send him a message. 

Me: Hi Steve. When did you start teaching English and Why?

Steve: I started teaching English ten years ago. I taught a course about making radio programmes when I was much younger and heard about an opportunity to teach in English in Spain. I jumped at the chance to travel and teach and before long I was living and working in Spain.

Me: Yes, I’ve heard English peopIe like Spain. Is teaching English your main job? If not what is it?

Steve: I have spent most of the last six years with teaching English as my main job. I also continue making and broadcasting radio programmes. I first began in radio when I left school. I went on a course to learn how to produce and present radio programme and continue to this day.

Me: What are you doing when you don’t teach people? What are your hobbies?

Steve: I am always making podcasts. This is probably the hobby which takes up most of my free time. When I can, I like to make fun English podcasts but I like to cover many other topics from Shakespeare and history to television quizzes and the Beatles. I love The Beatles!

Me: What do you like?

Steve: I am from Liverpool so I try to get into town and watch all the music festivals whenever I can. I like to walk into town and take photos of all the things which are happening.

Me: What don’t you like?

Steve: I try to be positive and see the good things in everything but maybe I could say mushrooms! I don’t like them at all! 🙂

Me: Can you describe a typical day in your life?

Steve: I have been teaching in Spain but my routine has changed now I am back in England. One year I was working in my local high school, so my routine was very fixed. I had the same hours everyday. I was also teaching at my local university and it was the same. Sometimes I would be teaching in the day and sometimes at night. I have also been teaching at the local teacher centre. With all of these jobs my hours have been more or less fixed. Now I’ve come back to Liverpool to live and work my schedule is totally different. I am working with a lot more private students now where I have always done my best to be as flexible as possible. So at the moment I have some students in the day and some others at night. It makes no difference to me but it is very different to my life in Spain.

Me: OK. So let’s get into some details. What is your favorite drink and food?

Steve Rimmer (Private English Teacher) with Jason Isaacs

Steve: I totally love drinking tea with milk and sugar. That is my favourite. I love to drink tea all the time. And my weakness is chocolate.

Me: Share with us the funniest thing that has happened to you in your life.

Steve: It would be when I was working in Spain. I saw a poster asking for people to audition for a movie they were making. I went along and I passed the audition. The audition was to be an extra on the set of the movie. I didn’t have to say anything, but I had to dress as an Inquisition Guard for a movie about 16th Century Spain. I had never acted before and I was so nervous. Then I was told that one of the actors on the movie was also from Liverpool and he had been in a Harry Potter movie! I was given the opportunity to meet the actor Jason Isaacs and I had a great time. Whenever I saw him we would stop and have a conversation about Liverpool or anything we could think of. We got on really well! In addition to working on the movie at night I continued doing my normal teaching job in the day. It was a long week but I had a fantastic time and meeting one of my favourite actors was amazing. Imagine, just two people from Liverpool in this part of Spain and we both met each other!!

As you can see now, Steve is a really good guy and fantastic English Teacher. He teaches in Liverpool right now and of course you will find him online as well. 

Here is your chance to learn English with Steve Online. Just send him a message!

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