Other ways to say FOR EXAMPLE!


other ways to say FOR EXAMPLE

When offering someone an example or a scenario, you can use the following phrases to avoid saying ‘for example’ all the time! Just remember that not all of them can be used in the same context, the use depends on the conversation:

For Example Synonyms

  • Such as
  • For instance
  • Let’s say….
  • Examples include
  • One example is
  • Including
  • In a similar case
  • In the following example, we will see how …. relates to ….
  • To Illustrate
  • By way of illustration
  • If you look at ….
  • E.g. (in written English only – this means ‘exempli gratia’ in Latin, which translates to ‘for the sake of example’)
  • This can be seen when …..
  • Particularly …
  • ….. as seen in ….
  • which is made apparent when ….
  • These include
  • This includes
  • As an example
  • As a case in point
  • Especially
  • An example being …
  • Namely
  • In addition to
  • Like this
  • Another way of putting it …
  • That is to say …
  • i.e. (used for specific examples in written English only – this means ‘id est’ in Latin which translates to ‘that is to say’)
  • Which is made apparent when …
  • In other words …
  • As in …

Use them wisely!

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