What are other ways to say He Reported? 👮‍♀️ 23 Report Synonyms


To report

1. To give an account of something you have seen, heard, done or investigated.

  • Often used to talk about the news, e.g. It was reported on Tuesday that… / He (a news presenter) reported last week that…
  • or as a formal way to say ‘said’, when what was said was new information e.g. the school teacher reported that their class had been very well-behaved recently

2. To present yourself formally as having arrived, often used for the army or police.

  • He reported for duty on Monday morning.

Because ‘to report’ has different meanings, you must decide which context ‘report’ is being used in, to find different ways you can say the same thing.

He Reported Synonyms

people asking commenting chatting1. If ‘he reported’ something he had seen, heard, done or investigated,
usually in the context of the news or of a public announcement, you can use:

  • Broadcast spread information, often on TV or radio
  • Publicised suggests a large audience – telling the general public
  • Made it known he told the general public, usually something controversial or personal
  • Declared publicly formal – he told the general public, usually something controversial or personal. Example: He declared publically that he would not be running for the next election.
  • Circulated suggests the news spread fast, but was passed from person to person – it wasn’t a general announcement. Example: He circulated that there would soon be a new job opportunity in HR.
  • Announced if lots of people were told, often in a dramatic way
  • Released to release information about … to tell the public new, secret information

thank you teacher

2. If ‘he’ was simply sharing new information
(but not necessarily with lots of people) synonyms for ‘he said’ can be used:

  • Stated (to say clearly – formal)
  • Claimed (to say something, usually without proof)
  • Asserted (to state a fact or belief confidently or forcefully)
  • Proclaimed (formal – announced officially or publicly)
  • Noted (pointed out/ remarked on – usually a small detail)
  • Revealed (often surprising information)
  • Disclosed (formal – to tell in a secretive way, often confidential information)
  • Divulged (a more formal version way of saying ‘disclosed’)
  • Described (he shared new information, but with an emphasis on the small details)
  • Expressed (usually about feelings – formal e.g. he expressed concern about the situation)
  • Recorded (in written form – usually a formal document)
  • Communicated (formal way of saying ‘told’)
  • Presented (he presented information about… usually to lots of people)

car, car problems, car rental3. If ‘he’ presented himself formally as having arrived
(usually at a job)

  • He arrived
  • He presented himself
  • He started work
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