Other ways to say “I’m not really good because of studying”?


When somebody asks me how are you I want to say “I’m not really good because of studying” so what should I say to answer the question?

There are several ways you could say this, depending on what you mean. I assume that you do not feel well or that you are very tired because you have had to study a lot.

Saying that “I’m not really good because of studying” is not very clear, and the person who hears you say it could be confused easily. Instead, say this:

  • I am actually really busy. The midterm season is coming up, so I have a lot to study.

This response makes it clear what is making you busy, or why you feel “not good” at the moment. You can also explain why; since your tests are coming up, it makes sense that you have a lot to study and are very busy.

  • I am a little stressed out with all the studying that I have to do.

if you feel stressed, do not be afraid to say it! If the other person has ever been a student, they will understand. This response also tells them that you are studying.

  • The past few days have been very demanding because I have three tests to study for.

Other adjectives you could use to substitute for stressed out or demanding are difficult, tough, tense, a bit overwhelming, or packed. They all tell the listener that you have been working hard.

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