Silly, Absurd, Ridiculous difference


Silly is used to describe things or behaviour that are stupid in a childish way. This word is not as offensive as stupid, and is often used when talking to children, or to someone who is acting like a child.

  • Stop jumping into the puddles. That’s a silly thing to do.
  • You can’t lift that bag alone. Don’t be silly and let me help you.
  • I’m so silly. I forgot to buy the tickets.

Ridiculous means extremely silly, but it’s not used in a friendly way. When something is ridiculous, it often makes you laugh, because it’s so inappropriate or unreasonable.

  • I look ridiculous with this haircut. I’ll never listen to my hairdresser again.
  • You can’t pay her a hundred pounds for this job. Don’t be ridiculous.
  • Why did you tell everyone I failed my driving test? You made me look ridiculous.

Absurd is used to describe something that cannot be taken seriously, because it is not logical or sensible. It’s something that is funny because it is so impossible.

  • I won’t pay back your loan. That’s an absurd request.
  • It’s absurd I’m not allowed to talk to my own children.
  • Peter told me an absurd story of how his pet parrot ate his homework.

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