The Best Ways to Learn English (Infographic)


Hi. My name is Anastasia Koltai. I’m the founder of and English Language Learner like you are. Yes. 🙂

Because we are in the same boat I thought you might find my personal tips about how I learn English useful.

The Best Ways to Learn English

1. Browse the internet. Read anything that interests you every single day.

2. Visit English Speaking Countries. Ask questions of foreign people. The kind of questions they would be happy to answer.

3. If you know something teach it to others. Visit forums, blogs, and help people in English.

4. Learn new words and grammar visually. Use our Vocabulary infographics.

5. Find work at an English Speaking Company.

6. Create competitions for kids or for adults in your area. Then give a prize to the child who knows English better.

7. Start chatting with people who interest you or who are in the same business as you on Facebook and Twitter.

8. Make money using your English. This will motivate you far more then other methods.

9. Get a Private English Tutor. Decide which learning method suits you best.

You can find a VIP Private English Tutor on my site. Just click on the image below!

Learn English with VIP English Tutor


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