The Difference Between SHALL and WILL!


shall vs will

The difference between SHALL and WILL.

Both SHALL and WILL are used to express Simple Future Tense.

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The rules state that SHALL must be used with the 1st person pronoun I and We.

For example,

  •  I shall do my homework.
  • We shall do the dishes.

With all other pronouns we use WILL.
Today, however, WILL is used instead of SHALL more and more often.
We use SHALL only when we want to express determination or to emphasize that something is certain.

For example,

  •  It will be done on time.
  • It shall be done on time. (determination and certainty)

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In British English, SHALL is used more often than in American English.

The only place where you might see SHALL in American English is in legal writing. In American English, you will never hear SHALL in an everyday speech. SHALL is usually used in bureaucratic documents (mostly written by lawyers).

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All in all, if you are not sure whether you should use SHALL or WILL – just use WILL. It will never be a mistake!

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