The English Alphabet – ABC in English


abc in english

The English Alphabet – ABC
There are 26 letters in the English Alphabet, 5 vowels and 21 consonants.

Here they are:
A a – (ay) vowel
B b – (bee) consonant
C c – (see) consonant
D d – (dee) consonant
E e – (ee) vowel
F f – (eff) consonant
G g – (jee) consonant
H h – (aitch) consonant
I i – (aai) vowel
J j – (jay) consonant
K k – (kay) consonant
L l – (ell) consonant
M m – (em) consonant
N n – (en) consonant
O o – (o as in go) vowel
P p – (pee) consonant
Q q – (kiu) consonant
R r – (aar) consonant
S s – (ess) consonant
T t – (tee) consonant
U u – (you) vowel
V v – (vee) consonant
W w – (double-you) consonant
X x – (eks) consonant
Y y – (waai) consonant
Z z – (zed) consonant


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