What Trump Impeachment means? WTF happened?!


Trump impeachment

What does Trump impeachment mean?

The current president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has been impeached on December 18th 2019, and was acquitted on February 5th 2020. Impeachment in of itself is a complex procedure, and the case against Donald Trump was also layered. In order to understand this case we must first go over some of the basics.

..Suspected of crimes against the country can be impeached

Impeachment is the legal procedure in which a legislative body files charges against a government official. This pertains to any government official, not just the president. This means that any high-ranking government official who is suspected of crimes against the country can be impeached.

Throughout American history senators, secretaries of state, mayors, and other government officials have been impeached. Impeachment is carried out by a legislative body, which means it can be congress, the supreme court, county courts, or impartial assigned juries. The highest form of impeachment is that of a sitting president.

Donald Trump is the fourth US president to ever be impeached. The first was Andrew Johnson in 1868, second Richard Nixon in 1973, and lastly Bill Clinton in 1998. Johnson and Clinton were acquitted, while Nixon resigned due to the Watergate scandal. Every procedure requires articles of impeachment to be approved, and based on that a president is tried.

2 articles of impeachment

There were two articles of impeachment approved against Donald Trump. One for abuse of power, and the second for obstruction of congress. On the 5th of February the president was acquitted on both charges. The senate, which was in charge of the impeachment procedure, was led a by the Republican party, and voted overwhelmingly to acquit the president.

Both articles of impeachment were related to Donald Trump’s numerous abuses of power, such as the Ukraine scandal, witness tampering, campaign finance violations, house intelligence obstruction, and others. The acquittal of the president has been controversial.

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