US or UK English?


US or UK English?  What is better to learn?

How to Find the Right Online English Degree For You
Do you have a love for reading and writing? Starting a bachelor degree program in English is the perfect fit for you. How do you know if the program is worth your time and money? Read this article to see some great online colleges and universities that will help jump-start your career in English.

Online English Degree
It can sometimes be hard to tell a good online English degree program from a bad one. What really makes one better than another? The simple answer is that you are spending your hard earned money on an education to further or start your career, so your program should teach you the skills and knowledge that you will need to succeed in your chosen profession.

Easier said then figured out, right? Of course! Every college or university has their own philosophy on what should and should not be offered. For example, some universities find more value in write me an essay courses or British literature so they require more clases in those areas. Before getting caught up in too many little details about a college, you want to make sure that you know what their philosophy is, which you can learn about by fist taking a look at the English Department’s requirements.

I was a duel major (Elementary Education and English). My friends and I were so in love with writing and reading that becoming an English major was a logical choice. You should fall equally in love with their requirements. Sure, you won’t love them all, but there should be a lot of courses that interest you. We fell so head over heals with our department that we even got involved in our college’s English Club. We also joined the English Honor Society: Sigma Tau Delta. Hopefully you can find an online university that does the same thing for you!

Choosing the Right Online University for You
Choosing the right online university can be a difficult process sometimes. Which ones will give you the knowledge and reputation to advance or start your career? I have taken out some of the confusion. Below, I have given you a background on two online colleges and univesersities that offer a BA in English that I have found to be trust-worthy, reputable, and with the proper requirements to make it worth your time, money, and interest.

University of Maryland University College

This redundantly named school was founded in 1947 and is one of 11 regionally accredited, degree-granting institutions in the University System of Maryland (USM). They also have received EFMD CEL accreditation, which is the “highest international standard of technology-enhanced learning programs in the field of management education.” If you are interested, you can click here to find out about the school’s other achievements.
They require all the courses and more that you would want and expect out of an English degree. For example: poetry, fiction, drama, American literature, British literature, etc. For a listing of what you should look for, please check out the next article in this series.
On the UMUC website they list all the required courses and give suggestions of when to take them. This will really make things easier for you later on if this is the college of your choice!
Total of 120 credits for a BA in English.
Tuition per semester hour costs $230 if you are a Maryland resident and $490 for nonresidents of Maryland. There is also a $10 technology fee (it is capped at $240 per student per year which runs summer/fall/spring).
Ellis University

A brand new university, founded in 2008. Don’t worry, however, because they have already been granted national (DETC) and regional (HCL) accreditation.
They have one of the most impressive required course list I have found in my research. Besides including all the traditional courses in American and British literature they also require courses about African-American writers in America, poetry, 20th century literature, a “Major Author” course where you study one author’s work and his/her influences, etc.
Their program consists of 121 credits: 42 credits for curriculum core courses, 15 credits in English, 15 credits in a concentration, and 49 credits for electives!
EU makes it easy to figure out what it costs to go there! For undergraduate degrees it costs $447 per credit.

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