Uses of “would”


“we would make sure our enemies don’t go scot-free until they are brought down to justice. We would hunt them till we bring them down…” What I want to know is why he used the word “would” in this form and not “will”, is it just American English? Or does would in this form mean “Strict Statement or Statement of Determination?”

uses of would

There are a few things here.
If you’re looking at a past incident you use would to describe it.

  • He said we would go to the shops and we did go to the shops at 3 o’clock.
  • She said we would go to Spain if we were good, but we didn’t.

It’s hard to know where your information comes from and thus what it is trying to say, but it appears the text is looking at a past incident.

It could be in the subjunctive form in that maybe he is speaking hypothetically in that if he were in the position, or if a situation occurs in the future he “would” do those things. It’s a bit difficult to know without the first part of the speech.


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