Saying ‘Very Good in Spanish’ Right


“Very good” in Spanish can be expressed as “Muy bien.”

“Very good” is typically used in various contexts to express approval, satisfaction, or excellence. Here are some common situations when you might use “very good”:

  1. Compliments: You can use “very good” to praise someone for their achievements, efforts, or performance. For example, “You did a very good job on that project.”
  2. Feedback: In evaluations or assessments, you might use “very good” to indicate a high level of satisfaction or quality. For instance, “The quality of the product is very good.”
  3. Encouragement: “Very good” can be used to encourage someone when they are learning or practicing a new skill. For example, “Your progress in learning Spanish is very good.”
  4. Response: When someone asks how you’re doing or if you liked something, you can respond with “very good” to express positivity. For instance, “I’m feeling very good today” or “The movie was very good.”
  5. Teaching: In an educational context, “very good” can be used to acknowledge a correct answer or a well-executed task. For example, a teacher might say, “That’s a very good answer, keep it up.”
  6. Parenting: Parents often use “very good” to encourage their children’s behavior or accomplishments. For example, “You ate all your vegetables; that’s very good!”

SpanishEnglishUsageExample Sentence
Muy BuenoVery GoodYou can use “very good” to praise someone for their achievements, efforts, or performance.Tu pronunciación en español es muy buena, y estás haciendo un gran progreso en tus estudios de idiomas. (Your pronunciation in Spanish is very good, and you’re making great progress in your language studies.)
ExcelenteExcellentUniversally positive, suitable for most situations.Tu trabajo es excelente. (Your work is excellent.)
MagníficoMagnificentFor exceptionally impressive occasions.La vista desde aquí es magnífica. (The view from here is magnificent.)
FantásticoFantasticExpresses enthusiasm and excitement.¡Lo hiciste fantástico! (You did it fantastic!)
MaravillosoWonderfulShows a sense of wonder and delight.Tuvimos un día maravilloso. (We had a wonderful day.)
AsombrosoAmazingShows awe and astonishment.Su actuación fue asombrosa. (His performance was amazing.)
IncreíbleIncredibleMeaning extraordinary.Lo que lograste es increíble. (What you achieved is incredible.)
GenialGreatCasual and friendly, ideal for everyday use.¡Eso suena genial! (That sounds great!)
EspléndidoSplendidSuggests elegance and grandeur.El vestido que llevabas era espléndido. (The dress you wore was splendid.)
FenomenalPhenomenalHighlights something truly exceptional.Su talento es fenomenal. (His talent is phenomenal.)
EstupendoSuperbSignifies something truly outstanding.La comida en este restaurante es estupenda. (The food at this restaurant is superb.)
ImpresionanteImpressiveIdeal for acknowledging remarkable feats.Su logro es impresionante. (His achievement is impressive.)
SobresalienteOutstandingShows excellence and distinction.Tu contribución ha sido sobresaliente. (Your contribution has been outstanding.)
NotableNotableHighlights something worth noting.El progreso que has hecho es notable. (The progress you’ve made is notable.)
AdmirableAdmirableQualities worthy of admiration.Su actitud es verdaderamente admirable. (His attitude is truly admirable.)
BrillanteBrilliantIntelligence or brightness.Su idea fue brillante. (His idea was brilliant.)
ExtraordinarioExtraordinaryTruly exceptional.El coraje de esa persona es extraordinario. (That person’s courage is extraordinary.)
ExcepcionalExceptionalShows uniqueness and rarity.Sus habilidades son excepcionales. (His skills are exceptional.)
PerfectoPerfectFlawlessness and perfection.Tu presentación fue perfecta. (Your presentation was perfect.)
EstelarStellarSuggests star-like excellence.Su actuación en el escenario fue estelar. (His performance on stage was stellar.)
AplaudibleApplaudableIndicates something deserving of applause.Tu esfuerzo es aplaudible. (Your effort is applaudable.)
SobresalienteRemarkableSomething notably impressive.Su creatividad es sobresaliente. (Her creativity is remarkable.)
InsuperableUnbeatableUnbeatable superiority.Su habilidad en ese juego es insuperable. (His skill in that game is unbeatable.)
GenioGeniusShows exceptional intelligence.Ella es un genio en matemáticas. (She’s a genius in math.)
SensacionalSensationalShows something sensational or amazing.El concierto fue sensacional. (The concert was sensational.)
EspectacularSpectacularIdeal for grand and impressive occasions.La fiesta fue espectacular. (The party was spectacular.)
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