What are Nouns and Pronouns? Please explain what they mean!


Nouns and Pronouns

What are nouns and pronouns?

A noun is a word used to identify, or name, any class people, places, and things.

It is basically a word used to classify and name everything around us. Nouns are words that directly reflect objects in the real world, and those are called common nouns.

The other type of nouns are called proper nouns and they used to identify given names of people or things.

Nouns Examples

  • Common nouns: table, stool, sky, coffee, sheep, shark, church, building, grass, forest, mountains, car, bike, etc.
  • Proper nouns: London, Paris, Jeffrey, Milosh, Maritza, Mozambique, Japan, etc.

A pronoun is a substitute for a noun or a noun phrase.

While nouns only have two distinct categories, pronouns have multiple. Because they act as substitutes for various nouns they have to form different categories depending on their use.

These types of pronouns include personal, possessive, reflexive, reciprocal, demonstrative, relative, interrogative, and indefinite pronouns.

Pronoun Examples

  • They went to school already. (personal)
  • I think we have to stop delaying the project. (personal)
  • This is our house. (possessive)
  • Is that your car parked outside? (possessive)
  • I can’t handle this all by myself. (reflexive)
  • He’s so sure in himself, like he’s never made a mistake. (reflexive)
  • John and Mary keep to themselves, and don’t go out much. (reciprocal)
  • We have to figure this one by ourselves, so no asking for outside help. (reciprocal)
  • Here, have this, it should help your cold. (demonstrative)
  • Those boys broke the window! (demonstrative)
  • I just don’t know which jacket to choose. (relative)
  • I don’t know whose shoes were left after the party. (relative)
  • Do you know who might have taken your car? (interrogative)
  • Which of these do you prefer? (interrogative)
  • If anyone knows who stole the files, please tell us. (indefinite)
  • They lost everything they own in the fire. (indefinite)


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