What are the diffrences between these words : pail , bin , bed , can , towel , bucket ?


Pail is an old-fashioned, American English word for bucket. So pail and bucket are synonyms.
A bucket is a round, open container that is used for carrying water or other liquids. Of course, you can carry other things in a bucket as well, not only liquids: shells you’ve collected on the beach or the fish you’ve caught.
You can also carry liquids in a can: an oil can, a watering can. However, cans are not open. They have a spout (like a small tube) through which you can pour out the liquid.
Can also refers to small metal containers in which food or drinks are sold: a beer can, a can of Coke. When it’s food, we also use the word tin, in Britain: a tin of tuna.
A bin is something you don’t use for carrying things. It is a container you put waste in: a rubbish bin or a dustbin. You may also use a bin for storing other things: a bread bin.
Bed and towel seem to be the odd ones out as they have nothing to do with storing or carrying things. A bed is a piece of furniture in which you can sleep, and a towel is a large piece of cloth you dry yourself with when you’re wet.

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