What does Si mean in Spanish?


It means (Yes) also (IF) like in english, but in spanish we use “SI” in both cases.

It means yes.

Rocio and Adaguevara are both correct! In case you’re curious, , written with an accent, means “yes,” while si, written without an accent, means “if.”

  • “Vas a ir al concierto?” “, ¿tú?” (“Are you going to go to the concert?” “Yes, you?”
  • Si yo fuera tú, no le diría nada. (If I were you, I wouldn’t tell him anything.)

However, many people drop accents when they write informally. In those cases, you’ll have to tell the difference between the two words through context.

  • “te gusta el helado?” “si esta muy rico” (“do you like the ice cream?” “yes it’s very tasty”)
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