What does the term “balance of forces” mean?


The term “balances of forces” is a physics term.
“Force” refers to the push or pull movement that provides enough energy to move an object or stop an object moving.
There are two types of forces, a balanced force and an unbalanced force. A balanced force doesn’t cause any movement. Whereas an unbalanced force does.
If you can think of two people having an arm wrestling match, if they are of equal strength, they end up exerting the same amount of force. They are both pushing against each other but because they are of equal strength there is no movement and the two arms end up staying in the same place. There is a balance of forces.
On the other hand, if a very weak person arm wrestles a very strong person, the force exerted by each competitor will be unequal and there will be movement. The weak person won’t have enough strength to push against the strong person and make the strong person’s hand move. The stronger competitor will have enough strength and exert enough force to move the weak person’s hand. This is an unbalance of forces.

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