What is the difference between STUDY and LEARN?


’Learning’ means ’gaining knowledge’. So, when you learn something, you can use this knowledge/skill.

  • I learnt to ride a bike when I was six.

Meaning I could ride the bicycle because I gained the skills and knowledge to do it.

  • I want to learn English.

Meaning, this is your objective. You want to have all the skills and knowledge to speak English fluently.

’Studying’ is a process that usually includes ’reading and memorizing information’ in order to learn something.

WHO vs WHOM 🧐👇

WHO vs WHOM 🧐👇
WHO vs WHOM 🧐👇
  • I’m studying accounting.

Meaning, accounting is a subject I’m reading a lot about (possibly at school) so that one day I can become an accountant.

  • I studied French at school, but I don’t remember a word.

Meaning, French is something I used to spend time with (reading, memorizing), but I didn’t learn it. I can’t speak French.

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