What is the meaning of a regular bedlam?


Please also explain the definition of bedlam.

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Bedlam is a noun, it refers to a scene of confusion or chaos. Other words you can use for bedlam are turmoil, disorder or mayhem.

  • It is bedlam outside, the protesters have blocked they are throwing objects at the police.
  • The snowy weather has closed all major roads, the traffic is bedlam.
  • The fans caused bedlam after one of their players was sent off.

The phrase regular bedlam means a scene of chaos that happens very often or frequently.

  • Regular bedlam is caused by the fans after the match.
  • There is a regular bedlam during rush hour traffic as everyone is trying to get home at the same time.
  • The protesters usually march quietly, there is no regular bedlam from the protests.


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