What is the meaning of Current Issues?


what is the meaning of current issues ?

An issue is a noun that refers to anything important or noteworthy that people are talking about or even arguing about.


For example:

  • Lowering taxes for those earning minimum wage is an issue that is often discussed among politicians.
  • The conflict between the two neighboring countries is a big issue that has grabbed the attention of people from all over the world.


So, if an issue is something important that people are talking about, a current issue is an important thing that is happening at the moment or currently.

Journalists tend to focus on current issues, such as climate change, the Olympics, corruption, upcoming elections and so on. These issues are events that are most talked about or that have an impact on people.


Here are some examples of the phrase β€˜current issues’ being used:

  • Politicians debated current issues in Parliament today. First, they addressed the issue of homelessness a problem that is getting worse day by day, then they focused on the Pope’s visit to the capital next month.
  • The teacher gives his students ten minutes at the beginning of class to read the headlines in the newspaper and learn about current issues around the world. Afterward, they discuss one of the issues such as deforestation in the Amazon or the latest update on Brexit.
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