What is the prefix for Place?


Prefix for Place

The question “is there a prefix for place” has two answers. It’s not a straightforward question. This is because place here can mean two things.

First, the question can mean is there a set of prefixes we can add to words to describe a place. Just as there are prefix groups and uses, is there a prefix for place? The answer is: NO. 

There isn’t a set of prefixes we can add to a word in order to describe a place. Places are very complex, and there are a lot of parts to one single place. That’s why it’s impossible to describe with just a prefix. 

The second context for this question is – is there a prefix you can add to the word place? That answer is: YES. This just means that a set of prefixes can be added to the word place in order to change its meaning. 

Here are a couple of examples:

  • RE- replace
  • DIS- displace
  • MIS- misplace

You can also add other words to place, in the same way you add prefixes.


  • WORK- workplace
  • SOME- someplace
  • BIRTH- birthplace
  • FIRE- fireplace
  • MARKET- marketplace 

Suffixes for Place

There are actually more suffixes for the word place than there are prefixes. These suffixes actually change the word place in more ways than prefixes. It can get a whole new meaning thanks to suffix combinations, as well as added words that act like suffixes.

For example:

  • -MENT placement
  • -HOLDER placeholder
  • -NTA placenta
  • -LESS placeless
  • -BO placebo
  • -MAKING placemaking 

Here you can see how the word place can have so many different meanings depending on the prefix, suffix, or added word used. While there are no prefixes to describe a place, the word place can be used in so many different ways you don’t even need them. 

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