When will be your interview held?


Is it grammatically correct?

This is not grammatically correct.

The reason for that is that you are missing a complete verb! It might sound “right” to you in some ways because it has will.

In the future tense, the word will functions as a helping verb to show when the action that is described will take place. However, you need to make sure that the helping verb always has a main verb behind it. Otherwise, I do not know what the action of the sentence should be! In this case, the best verb to add in would be “be”.

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AT ON IN Prepositions - MyEnglishTeacher.eu


The other possibility is that you are misunderstanding the word “held”. This is actually an adjective, not the verb. The reason is that this question is written in the passive voice. Rather than saying who is holding the interview, the sentence is reversed to say that the interview will be held (but it does not include information about who will be conducting it.) Because of that, held is not the main verb here.

See the following correction:

  • When will your interview be held?
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