Why is writing important?


Writing is important for a lot of reasons!

It is one of the easiest ways to reach a large audience

If you write something, you can easily pass it to others. Think of all the things that you read in your email inbox or on the street when you are outside every day! For most people, reading is a simpler and faster way to obtain information (as compared to having to listen to something or asking someone).

It is also easy to send words to a huge number of people at once. Think about how many times you can print something that you write and hand it out to someone, or how many people visit a web page online! It can last a long time, allowing people at all times to access it.

It is the best way to organize your thoughts

While it is easier and faster to simply say something out loud, chances are that your memory is not good enough to remember something longer than a few thousand words. To help increase the amount of knowledge that you can retain and organize, it is important to write them down.

This is true if you are about to give a big speech to thousands of people, or if you are just trying to write a list for things to buy at the grocery store. Writing them down gives you something to refer back to when you need a hint about something.

It is crucial in all aspects of society

Even as societal norms around how we communicate change, the importance of writing does not. It is more important than ever to be able to write clearly and effectively, especially when communicating with other people.

While there are many different styles of writing (texting your friend is very different from writing an email, for example), we write every single day and expect others to understand what we mean and respond appropriately.

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